Happy New Year!

Bitter Tee of the Year!

[grabs mic] "Taylor no disrespect, and Imma let you finish But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time" (c) Kanye West. He is not only responsible for this line but he's even more legendary for it. Can you believe they made a tee shirt? Not so sweet, this tee... available here: www.zazzle.com/jay-z+gifts

Favorite Fashionistas of 2009!

When narrowing down who my Favorite Fashionistas of ’09 were, I had a little bit of difficulty. To me a fashionista is someone who manages to be Fly, Fearless and Flawless most of the time. All of the time isn’t really possible, but whether in sweatpants or in skirts they exude an air of confidence that makes you believe they look great in anything they have on. I just wanted to make sure that all the women I chose were not only fly by society’s standards, but by their own. I believe fashion isn’t about doing what everyone else is doing; it’s doing what works best for you! So Big Fashion hats off to you ladies, you really did your thing this year! The always fashion forward, Rihanna. Little Ms [killing that buzz cut] Funky Diva Solange Knowles. The forever chic dark and lovely Kerry Washington. The ever so graceful Michelle Obama. And My Favorite Haute Couture loving, Hermes Birkin Bag rocking Stylista, June Ambrose! As always, I’d love to here your opinions, tell me what you think

Fashion Funny- Did you know?

 Snapple "Real Fact": In Athens, Greece a driver's license can be taken away by law if the driver is deemed either "unbathed" or "poorly dressed". Man, and I thought the fashion police on the E! network was hardcore. But to all you fashion misfits out there, think twice before pulling these stunts. [SMH]


(Men's) Flyest Fashionable Moments of 2009

I LOVE A WELL DRESSED MAN. Heck, I love any well dressed human being period, but let's just focus on the men right now. All of the men featured here typically have or are evolving with a great sense of style. These moments are when they just took it to another level. I've been a fan of Trey Songz since he had a "dollar and a dream" a wife-beater and cornrows, and I'm loving the way his fashion choices have matured as of late! Here he is in a clean cut wearing a three piece Hounds tooth suit with an eggplant colored tie at DJ. Clue's Birthday Party in NYC in early February- tres sexy! Who’s better than Ari Gold?! The talented Jeremy Piven is pictured here at the SAG awards in July rocking a classic tailored Black suit and skinny tie, but looks great in just about anything he puts on. Not to mention no one pulls off the "scruffy look" like he does. Maxwell, fortunately made a huge comeback this year, here he is with a clean cut and a very gangster double breasted brown pin striped suit the pretty wings are all a flutter around him at The BET Awards in July. From the first time he addressed the nation as the President to speaking at President Clinton’s Global Initiative in October he’s given us nothing but refined tasteful suiting like in this navy blue with silver accent ensemble. Barack Obama has got to have the worst job in the world right now, but he continues to look good doing it. Ladies and gentlemen: Usher Raymond! My was mouth agape when he stepped out in this military style Jacket, shades and gloves during HBO’s Inauguration special in Washington DC. After he let go of the durag and the pant dropping stage, Usher seldom disappoints me when it comes to fashion. His swagger is on a trillion right here…My goodness, will you just look at him?! Those are my picks for best dressed male 2009! Agree? Disagree? Speak up, let me know!

H&M and "Sonia's Secret?"

So! Remember sometime ago when I told you guys about H&M collaborating with Knit wear designer Sonia Rykiel? Well in that same post I vaguely mentioned the fact that there will also be lingerie to go along with the line, rightfully so, we have to wear something underneath our clothes, no? Yes. Here's a sneak peek of the line. Now these ladies aren't exactly giving me Victoria's Secret fierceness on the runway, but the pieces are uber cute. Tell me what you think about it!


Sale Away- Merry After Holiday Spending!!

Hey everybody miss me? I sure missed you. Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! Had a case of the writer's block last couple of days but now I'm back like I never left! Hope you made out nicely underneath the Christmas tree, but as always there's room for a little more. So for those of you lucky ass Gift card holders, spend wisely, look out for these sales:


Music Fly - Young Forever Video

Music Fly- I Digg ...

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in love, with new music that is. R&B music has resurfaced and catapulted back in to the greatness that it once was and I couldn't be happier. Music lovers, have you ever anticipated an album so much and been disappointed? Sucks, right? Well, not this time! Honestly this has been one of the few times that I've purchased multiple CD's in a short period and has had a hard time deciding what to listen to because it's all so good!! This hasn't happened since the days of Carl Thomas, 112 and Donnell Jones. [Ahh…High School…sigh] Anyway, just thought I’d share my thoughts: Trey Songz – is ready for a Best Vocal performance Grammy, the end. Chris Brown- makes you want me want to graffiti “Back and better than ever” all over public property. Alicia Keys freely covers every element of love you can possible think of. Ryan Leslie has transitioned flawlessly from producer to singer to sometimes rapper while telling his story in song. If you haven’t already done so, go out and purchase these albums. I call it the "make it through the winter soundly” collection. If I sincerely like something I’ll always offer a positive opinion about it. These artists should cut me a check. [lol] Happy listening!


Holiday Wish List- Fly Girl Edition.

[sings] Tis the season to be spending fa-la-la-la-la ... [record scratch] sorry, got a little carried away! So, I've been surveying my little tale off trying to find the best or most appreciated holiday gifts for men, and women all over the earth! Ok, maybe not the earth. But thanks to my BBM contacts, social networking sites, and conversations I've compiled two lists. I’ve given you results for the men and I know its last minute but here are five gifts to give to her that would make her happy forever! Or at least satisfy her until her birthday, anniversary, or some other special occasion comes around...1.Fabulous Shoes Christian Louboutin Gressimo pumps $853, 2.A fierce coat Coach sash coat $1,126, 3.Gift certificate to her favorite Spa,[your choice] 4.A great handbag DKNY satchel $295, 5.A planned getaway to her favorite weekend spot . <---My favorite*

A Dash of Life. - HATE.

Some people hate you for a valid reason, you've wronged them somehow. But that person that hates you for no reason at all is a disease! The devil knows that they have a wicked heart and he uses them as a tool to get at you. So at every step of the way that person will hate. Let's say you and  your friends go out and the bill comes to $500, if you pay $20 they'll call you cheap, if you pay $400 they'll say "you are showing off, or call you big shot". No matter what you do they will seek to destroy your soul and make your existence a horrible experience. Once you identify who this person is, you must cut them off from your network immediately! Don't be mad, be glad that God has exposed them for who they really are, the devil was hoping that you remained blind and oblivious to that wolf in sheep's clothing.                                                                                                                         -Bobby Stone-

*This was written by a good friend of mine immediately after an experience with his biggest fans, aka his enemies. Real, right? Feel free to share a hater experience.

Kanye & Lady Gaga...Artsy or Fartsy?

Shot by renowned photographer Dave LaChapelle to promote the tour they eventually canceled, I assume this shoot is supposed to be “edgy” and “shocking”, and sexy even but... It’s not that they don’t look good, but really if you take away all the hoopla in the background and the body tape, it’s just Kanye in khaki’s featuring a naked lady gaga. The media made a big deal about it and well, I’m not impressed, are you?


RosieB Styles: Grey With Envy.

Grey is the new black people! Says who? Why, me of course... Check out these fly grey and grey inspired pieces that I just had to share. Dresses: Lipsey Tiger Print $105, Lipsey Purple Print $105, Alexander Wang Draped Satin Tunic $375, Karen Millen Folded Cocktail Dress $295 http://www.oli.co.uk.com/  & http://www.karenmillen.com/  Shoes: Brian Atwood Wagner suede rivet shoe $1485, Emilio Pucci Studded leather Sandals $1276,
Yves St Laurent Tribtoo patent leather pumps $795, http://www.net-a-porter.com/  Bags: Betsey Johnson little bow pleat handheld [ don't you love that name?!] Miu Miu Brocade small shoulder bag $727 - Accessories: Vera Wang necklace, Erickson Beamon necklace, Missoni Silk-Blend crochet beanie, Dannijo Gale silver plated earing. [Prices Upon Request] Available at http://www.verawangweddings.com/  and http://www.net-a-poter.com/!


Sweet Tee of the week

AS you know, I'm in love with Blue Area's Graphic Prints- So its only right this week's Sweet Tee be this white & black John Lennon & Yoko Ono knit shirt. The print sits on both the front and back of the knit jumper. Round neck. Long sleeves. The hemline falls to the top of the thighs. [RosieB. Style Tip: looks great over skinny jeans/leggings with knee high boots and leather jacket.] 100% Cashmere Dry clean only, and very pricey. $947 pricey, but sexy, yes? Yes. http://www.brownsfashion.com/. Irony is I really wish this was our reality right now.


Holiday Wish List- Fly Guy Edition

Seven presents that'll make him appreciate, your presence in his life.

1.Marc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby Grovee Bag, $467 http://www.flannelsfashion.com/
2.Men's Black Hooded leather jacket by Forzeiri, $935 http://www.forzieri.com/
3.Bandana Scarf, Barney's NY $135 http://www.barneys.com/   
4.Curve by Liz Claiborne cologne, $35 http://www.shopperfume.com/
5.Burberry Brit cologne $35 http://www.shopperfume.com/
6.Tickets to his favorite sporting event http://www.ticketmaster.com/
7.The Biggest Flat screen TV you can find at http://www.bestbuy.com/, http://www.target.com/ , or http://www.costco.com/

Cashmere Thoughts

I'm completely enamored with Blue Area's graphic cashmere tops!! The twelve year old label has a knit specialty like no other. The simple but ingenious idea of putting the images of iconic figures on clothing has been in fashion for a while, but I’ve yet to see it come to life in such a refined manor. The attention to detail in every shirt makes me feel like I’m looking at a Monet painting of Jimmy Hendrix, The Kennedy’s, or Jim Morrison. So if you hadn’t already known, I just had to share this portion of this Fly brand with you guys! Of course when it comes to purchasing, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for so between the artistry and cashmere these shirts cost any where from $445- $1000. For specific prices and other styles, please visit http://www.brownsfashion.com/

RosieB Styles: One Jacket. One cuff. One Pump. Three looks.

Sometimes all you need is one good staple piece of clothing to top off an already amazing ensemble or give it the extra kick that it needs. In this style post I give you an example of how one chic leather jacket, a classic shoe and a fabulous accessory can work for three different looks. THE STAPLES: Theory leather jacket, Alexander McQueen peeped-toe pump Burberry Bracelet. Look one: worn with a casual red stripped Old Navy tank, and sexy fitted Kelly green Jason Wu skirt. Look two: paired with an ever so comfy YSL logo Vest and Citizen of Humanity jeans. Look three: is garnish for a delicious RM by Rolland Mouret cocktail dress; all three of the staple pieces complete each of the outfits impeccably! For prices, please visit: http://www.netaporter.com/


Quoted in a fly fashion

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”


Sweet Tee of the week

This sweet tee is brought to you by my friend's line, Jah New York! It's [the softest] white tee with a painting of the Brooklyn Bridge in it's background topped off the clothing line's signature. As per their website the description is as followed: Made from Premium Bamboo and Organic cotton. Bamboo fiber is softer than the softest cotton, has a natural sheen to the surface and feels similar to silk or cashmere. 70% Bamboo / 30% Organic Cotton blend. Water based print for a very soft feel. <---SWEET! If someone read that to me while I had my eyes close I'd buy it just because it sounds so good! I like this shirt, its giving me a very cool artsy feel. This tee is $30 and is available at  this link; http://jahnystore.bigcartel.com/product/ny-tag.

Shopaholic's...this one's for you:


RosieB's Trending Topic: Sequins of Events

SEQUINS is the new black and  has got to be my favorite trend in fashion right now. Once upon a time when people said "sequins" I cringed at the thought of over-the-top fitted calf length evening dresses worn by ladies with heavy makeup, hair and jewels. So basically I thought of the TV drama Dynasty. But just like everything else circa '80's it's reared it used-to-be ugly but now fabulous head! BCBG made a great grey shirt like/vest with silver sequins detail years ago, that I love and will never get tired of wearing. [Shout out to my former discount, sigh.] Close to three years ago I saw Nelly Furtado rock a Black Sequins Beret and began obsessively looking for one, fast forward to the Spring of '09 I finally got one. [Shout out to Forever 21 and my roomate "Beans"!] Now I'm on another mission, this time for the perfect, sequin JACKET. I think this is an investment piece. This style of jacket allows you to dress up any outfit in a snap, you'll get alot of use out of it especially during the HOLIDAY SEASON and if it "goes out of style" it'll come back. You don't believe me? Ask Joan Collins. These are my favorites from London Import Top Shop. As you can see it's going to be a tough choice.

No more "tum" for Jourdan Dunn

Congratulations are in order! Nineteen year old British sensation Jourdan Dunn gave birth to her first child on Tuesday. It's been reported that she's doing well and her and her boyfriend of five years couldn't be happier about their new addition. Hmmm...Interesting. Funny how having a successful modeling career sort of excuses you in the media, from the stigma of a "typical teenge mother". Let this be me!? Nothing but drama. [LOL] Ms. Dunn either has a great support system, or simply doesn't care what people have to say. In any case, I wish her well.


Shoe Fly! - Aldo Holiday Edition

How Festive are these?!? I'm loving this collection of shoes by Aldo, had to share with the shoe fanatics! Here are your names and prices From Left To Right Stemper $110,  Endow $90, Amistoso $125.  I haven't been in the store lately so I'd check before you run out the house,  and besides, all shoes are available online at http://www.aldoshoes.com/.


Music Fly- Anticipation Proclamation, December Edition

December is shaping up to be a good month for Hip-Hop and R&B music as I anticipate the release of these new albums! Alicia Keys. [Sigh] It's so serious that her name was the only thing I needed to say in that last sentence. Her talent is unparallel and there's no other piano playing, song writing, hip swaying, singer in her class. I'm a huge fan, and judging from the three new singles I've heard from The Element of Freedom [my favorite being "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart"] I'll continue to be. I didn't doubt it; she had me at "I keep on falling". The Neptune affiliated rap Duo Clipse is back with “Until the Casket Drops” and while I can't say I’m their biggest supporter, I will say they're better than most artists out and I do like their style a lot. Sure they make a lot of paraphernalia references, but since they do it in the form of art, it’s all good. The multi-talented Chris Brown is making headlines with his third release Graffiti. His first album was a classic, the second one was just as great. I think the "I can transform you" single [and video] is one of the hottest out now and I am overtly in love with the song "Crawl". Glad to see Breezy's back, like he never left. What can I say about Robin Thicke? He's soulful, handsome, and has a great vocal range! I loved his second album Evolution so much I went on a mad hunt for the first one, you know, when he was sporting long tresses and a messenger bike? Yep. However, as of late, all the videos I've seen him in so far have me a little weary. I don't know man..."sex sells" but you're married to Paula Patton Mr., take it easy. I do suppose it makes sense though, considering the fact that the album is called Sex Therapy, right? We’ll see where this goes. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul is here, Stronger than ever, you can’t deny the power of Mary J. Blige. She’s continuously been an artist that you can blindly trust with music. I know a bunch of people who feel like the music isn’t as good since she’s been drama free, but come on guys; you know we couldn’t handle TWO “Whitney Houston- like” situations, [insert screw-face here] so stop it.

Quoted in a fly fashion

                           “As you see, fashion means different things to different people.” 
                                                                         Anna Wintour


December 4TH a Star is Born...

Happy Birthday to the Jigga-man! If you’ve been reading this or any other blog I'm featured on, you know I'm sort of a “Hov-aholic”. It's no secret to anyone who knows me personally or comes in contact with me that Jay-Z's my absolute favorite rapper. I have every album; been to a bunch of his concerts, quote him regularly and partake in countless debates about which one of his albums are the best and "who killed who" on what record with my fellow fans. To be quite frank the guy is amazing. He has great lyrics, metaphors, story telling abilities, incredible flow(s) and not to mention, swagger out the wazoo. From Reasonable Doubt to The Blueprint III to every mix tape, collaboration and beef record in between, it’s been awesome to watch and listen to him evolve. He's also an incredible business man, who's not only invested in his talents, but in the talents of others making him a heavy hitter in the corporate settings of music. He's gone from a kid with a lot of ambition to a massive media conglomerate and living proof that anything really is possible. He's not just a rapper; he's a motivating factor.


[SAMPLE] Sale Away - Charlotte Ronson, Derek Lam, Dolce Vita

I know we're still at war and in a recession but... I don't know how else we can help the economy. So [if it’s possible] go shopping and help yourself! Moving along... part two of my sample sale posts includes Charlotte Ronson, Derek Lam [SCREAM!] and Dolce Vita Shoes! C. Ronson started yesterday and will end tomorrow, sorry, I was tardy for the party, but better late than never, right? If you're anywhere near this great city of New York, mosey on down to 1071 Sixth Ave., at 41st St, ste. 301 between the hours of 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and stack up! Derek Lam is selling his Fall ‘09 goodies at 601 W. 26th St., b/t Eleventh & Twelfth Aves., ste.1730 from 10am -6pm today and tomorrow only. That sale goes up to 80% [fashion highway robbery]. Last but not least for the shoe fly in you, booties, and pumps and flats are flying off shelves at 70% off courtesy of Dolce Vita this Saturday and & Sunday, from 12pm-7 p.m.at 156 Ludlow St., b/t Stanton & Rivington Sts. on the 4th flr! I know it’s the season for giving, so if you feel a little guilty make some of these purchases gifts for your female friends & family. I know I’d give a major smooch to the person who got me a gift from any one of these designers. No mistletoe necessary. Think about it. As always, happy shopping!