Good Relief

I love fashion with a purpose! I also, love and appreciate all the efforts made in the relief for earthquake victims (all over) and especially those of my native, Haiti. One of this worlds’ "model' citizens Naomi Campbell is raising awareness by holding a fashion for relief sale for the next two weeks on http://www.netaporter.com/ with all the net proceeds going to The White Ribbon Alliance. The clothes featured in the sale have been worn by her and or have been featured in iconic fashion environments [including the set of Sex and the City!] If you can shop big these days, do so with a big heart! I'm eyeing those classic pair of Patricia Field jeans from SATC, straight fuego! Here’s the Link…happy donating for clothes! http://www.net-a-porter.com/Shop/Designers/Fashion_for_Relief/Clothing?pn=2 


A Dash of Life: Computer Love

EHarmony, match.com, chemistry.com, so on and so forth, are we for it or against it? I want to hear your opinions! In recent conversations with many of my friends regarding dating and dating websites there seems to a lot of a back and forth over the ordeal of finding love on the net. One of my dear roomies says "Rosie, it’s the same principle walking into a bar full of strangers and meeting someone there". Good point, right? One of my guy friends simply says "C’mon B, it’s what desperate unattractive chics do, chill with that". Hmm…we'll leave that alone, for now. [lol] I was thinking though, if the whole point of these sites is to match you up with someone who you are compatible with, in theory it makes a lot of good sense, no? So why the bad stigma? Perhaps its the horror stories of people being dishonest on their profiles or not showing up for dates...as a matter of fact, a divorce lawyer I know recently told me her client's grounds for divorce is "My Husband is on match.com" [How you like those apples?]. Obviously it is more than possible to experience these things in regularly too. Maybe I question the skepticism because I'm guilty of it myself when it comes to this. Call me old fashioned but I appreciate the organic way you can meet someone through mutual friends, by chance, or in any other social situation. But what if all of those ways just haven't worked out? Is it so bad to want to cut out the [potential] BS and get hooked up virtually? Let's be honest, love doesn't make relationships work, compatibility and the willingness to work at it are the major factors most people are missing. Yeah, yeah, I know every relationship and situation is special but I don’t want to get specific. The point I’m trying to make here is; since you still never know what people are looking for when you meet them the in general, is it so bad to meet them on a site that not only serves a common purpose in what you’re looking for, but matches you up with whom they think you're compatible with. And the other question is, am I crazy for considering this? Do you agree with my roommate or my guy friend? Talk to me people...


Remembering B.I.G.

Every once in a while comes an unforgettable person who comes into the world to fulfill a purpose. In the short time he was here with us on earth, The Notorious B.I.G managed to raise the bar for Hip-Hop music and those who've followed him have since been competing with his spirit. “The best who ever did it” as they say, he meant a lot of things to a lot of people. To me, Biggie was the guy I had no business listening to at thirteen years old because I had no clue what he meant until I started watching Gangster movies and Shows like South Central on TV [too many gun and paraphernalia references]. However, once I “got it” though, Biggie became one of the most lyrically clever artists of my time, another reason I’m so in love with hip-hop and one of the best story tellers I’ve heard to date. R.I.P, B.I.G.

Oscar Favorites!

Thank you TV Gods! Despite all the hoopla between Cablevision and [greedy ass] ABC the Academy Awards still managed to show up on my TV screen last night, and I couldn't have been happier. It seems the two companies’ were feuding over finances which caused us to suffer without the station from midnight to about mid-Oscar festivities. The evening was a great one for a lot of Films including Precious, The Hurt locker and the James Cameron phenom, Avatar. Obviously of theses films were fabulously influential and lived up to their hype so congratulations to them and the other films nominated. Now I can go on about the films, or I can get to the fly already! Some people watch to see who wins; I mostly watch to see who’s dressed the best. Here are my favorites from the night: From the Top Left to Bottom Right- Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel McAdams, Elizabeth Banks Vera Farmiga, and Cameron Diaz.


Music Fly - Monica is Back!!

Monica is back like she never left! In the middle of one of my straight VH1 Soul  for hours sessions I came across this video equipped with good music and can we say F.A.S.H.I.O.N.? enjoy my dears


Dash of Life: Reflecting on Haiti

So I haven't been posting lately due to a lack of inspiration. The tragedy in Haiti has weighed heavy on my heart, and other things [mainly laziness] have put me on a blogging mental fast. A little over a month ago, my native country was hit with the toughest natural disaster any country has had to face in history. To be quite honest everything I enjoyed about my little blog just seemed so miniscule and irrelevant in the wake of all the horror I was watching on CNN. I really couldn't think of anything to write about and have been lax on how trying to figure out how to find the words to express just how much this had really affected me. I can say that I’m one of the lucky ones, who have been fortunate enough to communicate with family. Thank God for that. I love the way that our people have kept their spirits up this whole time and haven’t lost faith in God. I’m grateful for all the efforts that the U.S. has made as well the people who've used their celebrity for good. I have so much [extra] love for Wyclef, and Yele. I myself have been to benefits, donated to organizations, worn my flag proudly and have prayed and prayed… I mostly find myself wishing I was in a better position so that I could do way more. Then a couple of days ago while listening to “Moment of Clarity” by S.Carter, these simple lyrics hit it hit me like a ton of bricks: “…and I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them, so I got rich and gave back, to me, that’s the win-win” – And I thought. “Duh”. How can I do great things if I’m mediocre in my way of life? Everything I’m doing and attempting to do is for the benefit of my future, and thus the future of my people. Success and hard work go hand in hand so if I’m lax in my ways, no goal will accomplish itself, therefore not putting me in a better position to do more. All Things Fly is a reflection of the things that I love and want to contribute to in my career endeavors as well as influence me. [Fashion, Music, and Life] I genuinely believe that doing what you love is the best way to be successful, so I intend on sticking to the plan and see how far it will take me so I can give back at all times and have the financial flexibility to be a major contributor to all levels to my native Haiti, amongst another places in need. I hope you readers who enjoy this blog continue to support it, I sincerely appreciate the love. Hit that follow button if you haven’t already done so, tell a friend to tell a friend, and all that. In the meantime let’s all continue to be steadfast in the pursuit of our dreams so we can position ourselves at the top and be able to be positively influential.