Sweet Tee of the week

In honor of the release of his documentary film "This is it", I dedicate the sweet tee of the week to the memory of Michael Jackson. I found this tee shirt on line on tshirthub.com and thought it was cute and clever it reads: He may have been "Off The Wall", But when he sang it was always such a "Thriller". Some people called him "Bad" or "Dangerous", But he will always be part of my "History"! Forever, Michael. All hail the late King of Pop! You'll surely be missed. The shirt can be purchased on the site in a varitey of colors, sizes and styles, so get creative at; http://www.tshirthub.com/jaaltee.html

Shoe Fly! - Sometimes love comes around...

How fly are these? Artist Robert Indiana meets up with Converse to make a little loving. In the spring of 2010, Converse will be releasing their classic Chuck Taylor's revamped with a “lovely” message. Keeping everyone in mind and no one left out, the sneaker brand and Mr. Indiana have found a way to be pleasing to all those in favor of the laid back favorite. For your Chuck “low” lovers, “Love” is written all-over in black print and for those who prefer the "Hi's", the “Love” artwork is on the side-panel and on the mid-sole. Both sneakers also carry the signature of the artist, either on the in-sole or on the tongue. These are really fly. This sneaker is an all around winner for me, casual and chic. Look out for them in a favorite sneaker store near you come spring, I predict them to be a fast selling item too.


Fly Music- New York's FINEST

In case you missed it, here is the incredible performance by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. The two are much in their "Empire State" attire. Jay-Z in a very festive Yankee Jacket, Denim & fresh out the box Timberland Boots. Ms. sweet on the Keys opted for a bright lavender leather jacket, with matching knee high boots over her fitted pants topped with bamboo earrings. Very circa 1990's with a modern twist, very cool, very New York.


Fashion Hats Off!

So, I literally just got done watching the BET Hip-Hop awards and all I can think about is Fatima Robinson's outfit. The award show overall wasn't great, the best part of the show was the cyphers in between commercials. Hip-Hop was very much in full force in the cyphs, but that's in another post. I won't dissect now...[Quick Bio time] Fatima Robinson is a choreographer for variety of artists and has been killing it in the music industry for years on end. But ladies and gentlemen of All Things Fly, speaking of killing it... when she stepped on stage to accept her Award- my mouth was agape. She was giving us fashion all the way and I loved it! The jacket, the skirt, the red lipstick, the loubis. A (very fly) hats off to you Fatima!


Sweet Tee of the week

I've wanted this tee shirt for the longest, yes it’s a little inappropriate but, man is it necessary!! I mean who doesn't love "new shit" and when I saw they updated it with a "free shit" version, I had to have it. I also had to share it with you guys since you're all flyer then pieces of paper bearing your names! It’s a cheap & chic humorous way to express your self. My number one rule in fashion is to be comfortable, and do what you feel; you can always pull off anything being true to your self no matter what it is. This tee is available at www.UrbanOutfitters.com online store only and its on sale right now too $14.99. Just don't have yours on when I have mine on, and it'll be all good... lol


Shoe Fly!- Plethora of Platform Goodies!

 These Top Shop shoes are like every short girls wet dream. Fishing through their website earlier, I noticed just how many different pairs of platform shoes they had. If you’re anything like me, and love to heighten your outfits because of your vertical challenges, you may need to take a trip down to the Soho District of Manhattan. I particularly loved these and can see all of them paired with one, or two, or ten things in my closet already [yeah, I know, any excuse to shop]. Anyway, here are the Shoe names and prices from top left to bottom right: Symbol Peeped Toe $135, Larissa Velcro $145, Strike Platform $135 (also available in Black), Stealth Platform $145, Levi Strappy Tribal Sandal $145 (also available in a purple/black combo), and the Lucinda $145. For more styles and colors like these and other shoes please visit: www.topshop.com

Trading places

The hot boys of Manchester United and Real Madrid are trading places. David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo now have even more in common than the critical acclaim they receive from their sport (Soccer). By the end of next year, team captains will have both been the faces of Emporio Armani Underwear collection. Come spring/summer 2010, Ronaldo will replace Beckham who has fronted the campaigns for four seasons with wife Victoria, who joined him as the face of the women’s range for the past two seasons. When I look at these ads it’s really hard to believe that this woman has not one, but two children! What’s my excuse? I need to hit the gym! (lol). As hot as she is though, Mrs. Beckham will also be replaced with young on-screen siren Megan Fox. Neither Ronaldo’s or Fox’s campaign shoots have taken place yet, but considering the pictures in this post I have a feeling they’ll both be naturals. In more undergarment news, rumor has it that David Beckham is talking about developing a Beckham-branded men's underwear line, well, isn’t that fitting?                  


Haute-Couture or Haute-Mess??

One of my favorite things to do on my past time, or my anytime is to log on to my twitter account and tweet my little heart out along with my friends and some very cool strange people I follow. In doing so, I find some very interesting articles and links that catch my attention such as this one and It makes me feel the need to speak. What you see above is black face on an Dutch supermodel Lara stone in a shoot photographed by Steven Klein styled by editor Carine Rotifield of French Vogue. Unfamiliar with the term black face? Well, so you know Webster had this to say about it; noun: 1.Makeup for a conventionalized comic travesty of Black people, especially in a minstrel show. 2.An actor wearing such makeup in a minstrel show. Now I don't know about you, but when I look at this, I think when will it end? I don't see fierce photo shoot, I don't see high fashion, I don't see artistry. Something else blocks all of the normalcy for me. I don't know, perhaps it's the "comic travesty of black people" thing. I mean really am I wrong to assume that there is something else behind this then doing "something different" to sell magazines? People have suffered, and fought and, marched and died trying to fight for the rights of African Americans along with other ethnicity's. Have some respect. This is not cool. Like a lot of industries, fashion has its fair share of racism, Iman, Naomi Campbell and Alek Wek are some models in the past and present that have been brave enough to publicly address the issue. I'm all for fashion and the arts but when do we draw the line between haute-couture and haute-mess??? Please speak on it, I'd love to know how you feel.


Sweet Tee of the week

 This week's featured graphic tee shirt is in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Pink Items are being sold all over the place this month and proceeds are going to a number of different foundations. This, is just another way to support a great cause. By unanimous decision, the "Breast Cancer Fight Club" t-shirt has been declared the winner in the awareness-raising apparel category at http://www.shop.advanceweb.com/, a medical website for "gear gadgets and gifts". They say that the boxing gloves logo encourages those affected by breast cancer to deliver a haymaker to this oppressive opponent. I find it to be very cute!


Mark Fast likes em Thick

Mark Fast decided that twelve was new zero last month when he threw the "plus size" girls in the mix of the bite size [no quote necessary] ones during his show in London Fashion Week. Mark told In Style Magazine "I didn't think it would get so much attention. I just thought, 'They're beautiful. Let's do it. Let's have fun'". I would describe his line as one that is modern, soft and feminine & playful. It works for a variety of women including curvier girls. The designer also said "I was able to make the clothes specifically for them. Seeing them walking up and down the corridor was such a moment. It was exciting to see their characters in my pieces" In all honesty this was a great move both business wise and for the moral of the fashion industry. It's fabulous to see something other then the typical heroin chic stick figures on the runway. “After the show, we had a host of customers from size six to 16 coming in." This displays an excellent way of attracting more consumers to your product. Kudos to Mr. Fast, how ironic is his name in comparison to the women he’s tried to uplift though?!? HA! In any case, way to go against the grain!

Sex and the City VS. The sidechic

Penelope Cruz must have lost her mind to take this role! Just Kidding, well, sorta; it’s been reported that in that upcoming Sex and the City movie she'll be playing Mr. Big's office temptress. The always impeccably redcarpet chic, five foot nothing, Academy award winning actress will attempt to seduce the now [finally] married John Preston away from Carrie Bradshaw (Main character played by Sarah Jessica Parker for those of you living under a rock). While filming at New York’s Empire Hotel this week it’s been said that Ms Cruz was looking ever so fierce in a backless number, well, no surprise there. I just hope she doesn't start getting harrassed with "homewrecker" hate in the streets, rumor has it Sex and The City fans are a little bit crazy. I'm just saying... In other news, for all those in favor of Smith Jerrod returning say “I”! Ok. Done. Jason Lewis will be returning along side the entire original cast for part two and in the words of Martha Stewert, that's a good thing. Ok, that’s all the info I’ve got and that’s all I’ll be giving even if I read another article on it, I don’t want to spoil it too much for you or me. However, I do think I speak for all of the fans when I say I am beaming with anticipation!!


Sale Away- Looking out for Stylish men

I'm doing exactly what the picture implies and I'm standing by all my fly men out there. Now, go, run get your girlfriends, put on your shamless recessionista face and go discount shopping! Don't be shy, be merry! Happy Shopping!

You've Been Cordially Invited....

Hello there fly people, you've been cordially invited to the Third Annual Pink & Black Benefit party honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The party will be hosted by our Beloved New York Giants at Le Pomme, located on 26th Street between 6th & Broadway. Of course Ehug magazine, Showcase NYC, and Empire Entity, along with others are supporting this awesome event. Come out for a good cause & have some Nuvo drink Specials in the spirit of all things Pink! Doors open at 9pm! I hope to see you there!


Ralph Lauren's Pink Pony

Ralph Lauren has officially launched his annual Pink Pony campaign for cancer research. In the coming week Ralph Lauren stores worldwide will be in pink decorum to celebrate the label's Pink Pony collection of products - available in retail stores. Mr. Polo himself had this to say to Vogue magazine: "I have been dedicated to the fight against cancer for more than fifteen years; the Pink Pony Fund marks my commitment to this important cause." 20 percent of the price of each product from the range sold in the UK goes to The Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign to ensure that cancer can be treated earlier and more effectively across all communities. Designing for a good cause, is quite fly and considering the amount of time he’s spent on keeping this collection consistent, I can really see the commitment, yet another reason I have to admire this classic American designer. I strive to get to a point where giving back can be incorporated in what I love to do as well. For more information on this collection and others please visit: http://www.ralphlauren.com/


Muse News

I love Iman. I love Chanel Iman, and apparently they love eachother, here's a really cute interview the two did during a photoshoot for People Magazine. The video is courtesy of modelinia.com pronounced (model in ya) enjoy....

See more videos on modelinia.com


Sweet Tee of the week

First let me just say, I LOVE FASHION as you may have guessed, [lol] but really, at heart, I'm just a jeans and tee-shirt kinda girl. OK,OK, maybe that's a little bit of a lie, but like most people I do appreciate a great graphic tee shirt. And because over the years I've been fascinated by a bunch of the ones that I see and collected some pretty cools ones my self I've decided to add a segment to my blog called: sweet tee of the week. in this segment I'll feature a cool tee shirt that's caught my attention on the street, on the web, on a human being, even off my own shelves. For the official debut I'd like to dedicate this sweet tee to anyone with a dream and a plan of action. Pharell Williams teamed up with Jay-Z for the track entitled ambitious on the BP3 album and its basically a motivational song about what it takes to get to where you need to go despite the negative energy spew at you. If you haven't heard this song, both the artist choose to use a lot of profane ad libs to fully express their feelings to the youth being "brought down by society", as Pharell explained to MTV news. They wanted to express themselves in a pure form (for lack of a better term). That would explain all the "fuck ya's" But I feel them, its totally necessary in this case. The tee itself was also a collaboration from the two artists and is featured in the Billionaire Boys Club clothing line, its been out for about a month now and in New York City these these shirts can be found at the Billionaire's Boy's Club/ Ice Cream Flagship store in the Soho District or on Madison avenue in Barneys New York. For more

information and locations on where you can find it, visit: http://bbcicecream.com/.


Congratulations to my friends!! - clap for em!!

Very special congratulations go out to my friends Poly & Cash, (no governments here baby, we don’t want any stalkers lol). The Event his Birthday, place 40/40, the suit Banana Republic, the time …I can’t really recall, somewhere between 1am & 3am.The Ring. DESERVES ITS OWN TWITTER PAGE!!! His speech was heartfelt, extremly personal to them and those who love and have been around them. I love you guys, I wish you nothing but the best, as you so deserve it!!!


Tales of a Distraught shopper

Don't you hate when you see something fly on someone randomly and you can't find it anywhere?? This is a navy blue [I’m sure overpriced] Louis Vuitton sweatshirt, my brother loves it and I can't seem to locate it anywhere in the US. Lebron James was also seen wearing one of these in cashmere. If you were wondering it’s not anywhere on Fifth Avenue in NYC. Trust me, I've looked into it. Help if you can.
Sincerly yours, Rosie B., distraught shopper....


Fly Music - Like it straight. No chaser.

It’s October! No, that isn't enthusiasm you hear, its shock. I mean, we hardly had a summer here in New York, everyday we were sort of “hoping for the best but expecting the worst”; this season truly dropped the bomb on us. However, G.O.O.D music is here with some heat for the fall season. Many of you are probably wondering who this random blonde guy in the car is so let me tell you. He is Ben Mclldowie and [his band] goes by the name of Mr. Hudson. If you were familiar with Kanye West's last album Heartbreaks & 808's he is on the track entitled Paranoid. His most recent collaboration is on BP3 with Jay-Z on Young Forever. Recently I did a Google search to find some more music from this band before I went ahead and blogged about it. I’d never want to Co-sign something for the hype or because it seems cool. I even have a three single rule for new artists; I have to love your first three singles or three tracks I’ve heard in order for me to purchase your cd. It is what it is. I’m no expert at detecting talent, but so far I like what I’ve heard. And at the risk of putting him in a “British pop band” from London box, the music reminds me Cold Play [alternative rock] with a jazz like edge. If you’re into any of those genres of music, you’ll dig it too. If not, open your mind, you never know. Mr. Hudson’s first single ‘Supernova” off their second release Straight, no chaser is out now featuring boss Kanye the album is in stores Tuesday, the 5th of this month.