Strike a Frugal Pose

Here we go again...a collaboration that no one could've expected! Well, maybe it's not so far fetched anymore to see designers cheapen up these days. About a week or two ago, I excitedly posted about Zac Posen creating a sportswear line that will be sold in Saks Fifth Avenue come 2010 [Refer to “Posen has Spoken” for details]. Now it seems that Mr. Haute Couture is all about the affordable fly since he's now teamed up with Target! I read in UK Vogue’s site that Zac will be joining the retailers’ Go International Collection, which includes the likes of designers such as, Thakoon, and hot young Bay area native Erin Fetherston. Alexander McQueen and Anna Sui have already graced Target with their designs and although I failed to purchase either one, they looked pretty fab from what I saw. Obviously I'm really anxious to see what Zac will come up with. The collection will only be available to purchase in select stores and on line from April 25th to May 3oth 2010, since that's not, like tomorrow and you have a million things on your mind, I'll keep you posted along the way. Who loves you baby?

Sale Away to ASOS

Can someone say Karl Lagerfeld coat for 70% off the original price?????! GO! Not now, but right now! Click your little hearts out, shop and be merry, after all tis the season, right? Right. Visit http://www.asos.com/ come back here and tell me what you got. P.S. This is a UK site so don't forget to change the currency for the correct pricing while you shop.

Shoe Fly! - Purple Rain Edition.

Ahh, the color purple... in the form of Fierce, Classic and Trendy, you can't go wrong on any occasion with these shoes, I love them all! How much, you ask? From Left to right: Badgely Mischka Eavan peeptoe with broach $200, Tahari Viviana Pump $208, Stuart Weitzman peeped toe with bow detail $200 all available on http://www.bloomingdales.com/. Happy Shopping!


Fly Music- A Star is Born

Sometime in the Spring of this year, a friend and musical soul mate of mine were at a social event, when he turned to me and said: "Yo, J.Cole is the future" and gave me "the face". Unfamiliar with the name, I paused, looked at him, and it was then that I knew, I had to know what he knew. You know? So I went on MySpace Music and discovered that I might have been "napping" for awhile. From ‘The Come Up” to “The Warm up” I eagerly listened to these mix tapes filled with classic tracks sampled by Gil Scott-Heron, Nas and even records produced by the artist himself. I'm no mix tape expert and I can say that before this brief era I hadn't listened to any mix tapes since all of Lil Wayne's mysteriously appeared on my ipod playlist courtesy of my big brother. I do however genuinely enjoy the concept of rappers/ emcees rhyming over previously released songs adding their own sixteens to the music. J.Cole's lyrics are anything but typical. He's not afraid to discuss his personal life experiences in college in his relationships, and association with people. Because of his flow he also doesn't have the stigma of a "typical down south rapper" either; of course I like to credit his time in the concrete Jungle for that. After being signed to Roc Nation he started to generate a buzz amongst hip-hop fans and people quickly compared him to newcomer, Drake. To me they're completely different rappers, so get over it people, listen to the music. I also dig his humility thus far: I read in XXL magazine once that he refused an offer to “hob-nob” with Diddy at a party because he didn't feel like he was at the level where he should be doing that yet, and rather just focus on the music. In that same article, he also said that he's aware folks wouldn't be so intrigued if he wasn't signed to Jay-Z's label. It’s all about the music for me, so on behalf of hip-hop fans all over, thanks for bring us this warm breeze, "Fayettenam". J. Cole him self makes the darkness [of hip-hop] seem so bright, and I'm Feelin’ like things gon be alright.


Award Show Fly- AMA Performance Outfits

I watched the American Music Awards the other night and my favorite part of the night was of course, the performances. Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga’s performances were the best vocally to me, but when it came to the outfits four people stand out in my head Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys and Jay-Z. J.Lo made a come back with her new single “Dancing in my Louboutins”, unfortunately before she changed into her custom made “red bottoms” she fell on her bottom. But when you’re a forty year old mother of twins, dancing around in front of a boxing ring, leading a slew of muscle bound men, wearing a gold and black lace ensemble equipped with asymmetrical leather straps and sequin boxing shoes, looking fierce, who cares?!? Fergie joined her group the Black Eyed Peas in a melody of their many hits, wearing a black strapless shiny body suit with bootie accentuating ruffles, decorative fishnet-like stockings and knee high “Loubi’s”. [Can I get a Boom-Boom POW?!] Ok, so ever since Lil Mama ruined the first ever live performance of Jay-z & A. Keys' “Empire State”, I feel like I subconsciously anticipate this performance over any other at award shows. It’s lived up to the songs’ greatness every time so far, and this time because of the fashion. Ms. Keys was in a tailored backless black pant suit with gunmetal detailing and Jay-Z in a cream colored full tuxedo, black pants, black bowtie, and accessorized with a broach on the left side of his jacket, the two represented for Frank Sinatra very well. They were all class, all the way, all very New York, takes notes children.


Sweet Tee of the week

Well...If I told you guys that I had an icon hanging out in my closet then you wouldn't believe me. So that is how she became the sweet tee. Last weekend I was on Fifth Avenue, desperately trying NOT to shop. [I'll pause so you can laugh now] Well, as you've guessed that didn't go so well once I stepped into the Zara. So after I made this $29.99 purchase, I started to wonder how long I'd been walking this earth not knowing about this tribute to Grace Jones? So I did a little research and apparently there was also a grey sweatshirt which is also pictured here. I adore any model that paved the way for chocolate colored women to make a name for themselves on and off the runways of fashion! She's one of the original divas in the game and I'm proud to walk around with that huge lively expression of hers on my chest.


Posen Has Spoken

My favorite new American and fellow eighty's baby designer Zac Posen [aka The King of the red carpet evening dress, as per Vogue] is making a sportswear line for US retail chain store Saks Fifth Avenue! “Clap for ‘Em”! "We've had so much pressure from press and retailers to build out our collection into this more American sportswear look," "To me, it's more appropriate to build a whole brand and collection around this price point. Chic sportswear should be at this price point. Designer dresses and cocktail pieces should be at a more expensive price point" the New York native told WWD. He must have received all those letters, and emails, and smoke signals from me. Ok…I kid, I kid, but I really can't explain just how excited I am! Everything he makes is so FLY! So far this collection is set to feature everything from tees, to tanks to jackets and more. And for those who are worried about the quality of the items, Zac had this to say: "It's not Zac-for-less, it's not the little sister collection at all," said Posen. "The dresses - that's something I can do with my eyes closed. This is about a new identity...I treat a T-shirt as a T-shirt should be treated, with a lot of love." [Sweet!] And there you have it, the fashion will not be dumbed-down or denied! I can think of few people who will appreciate that.

Put a Ring on it

Rachel Roy is killing me with her accessories collection! All of which, if you look closely, goes very nicely with her limited edition Graffiti collection for the Rachel By Rachel Roy line. Once again, she's found a way to incorporate classy with trendy and rightfully so Ms. Roy, that's exactly how I'd describe her personal style. She's done a great job reflecting that in her collections and that's why I'm such a fan! Let’s face it, sometimes the outfit is nothing without the right accessory, so consider this; maybe it's not the dress you're wearing that’s bad but what you're not wearing it with. So if you liked it then you should've worn a ring with it! [Sorry, couldn't help myself, too easy] Featured above are my favorites, Top Right, to Bottom left: Worn Gold red lips Ring $38, Hematite Crystal Cocktail Ring $40, Worn Gold two ringer spear $32, Worn Gold Signature heart $44, Hammered square ring $32, Hematite Fashion Ring $50! Visit www.rachelroy.com for more.


Gonna dress you up in my Glove

While reading my Instyle magazine this past month, I came across an article entitled "most wanted" accessories for the season. They featured studded bags, geeky glasses, menswear hats, ornate bracelets, slim belts, retro kicks, bib necklaces, ladylike carryalls & my most favorite, bright gloves! The pink one's worn by yours truly below can be found at my favorite UK import,TopShop in NYC. Visit their website for more http://www.topshop.com/ Happy Shopping!


Dash of Reality: Shades Don't Give You Swagg

This post was written by my friend and now guest blogger, Lenny J. Thanks again for sharing homie! I hope the people of All Things Fly will enjoy it as much as I did. It's just a dash of reality folks, Cuz Lenny Said So:

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve noticed this awful trend that has been spreading worse than the swine flu, for more than 2 years. It’s been seen among every hood, suburb, nationality, age group, race, color and creed. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about people wearing SUNGLASSES WHEN THERE’S NO DAMN SUN. If you’re as sick of it as I am, put a fist in the air. I honestly can’t believe we’ve allowed this to go on for so long. I don’t know where it started but it’s gone way too far. I’ve been trying to make sense of it for a very long time now, and I came up with a few scenarios.

THEY REALLY THINK THEY’RE TOO COOL. These bozos have it in their head that wearing sunglasses in the club gives them some type of swag. Damn shame. Do you see them?? If you haven’t paid close enough attention to them, just imagine you’re filming an episode of National Geographic’s but you’re in the club and not the jungle. Just watch them from afar for like 5 minutes. Notice that they walk around the club like they’re rappers or something. It’s like they’re actually embodying the foolishness they see on TV. I don’t understand how we’ve allowed this to go on for so long. First and foremost, you can’t see. If you can’t see then you can’t defend yourself. Your subject to get punched in the face and you won’t even know who did. I was taught that as a man you’re supposed to be able to defend yourself at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS.

I know this may sound a little harsh but trust me, I’m not a hater. I’m sorry but it makes me sick to my stomach every time I see this “tom foolery” in the club or when it’s dark outside. Look, I know I have a strong opinion of certain things, but I’m trying to be objective and give these people the benefit of the doubt sometimes. I’ve been searching for a viable excuse to give ya’ll a pass but I can’t come up with anything that makes realistic sense. To be honest, the reality is these clowns are using sunglasses as a camouflage to keep people from seeing how corny they really are. Just think about it for a sec. if you can’t look a person in their eyes, they might be able to fool you into believing they have some type of swag or personality. They’ve probably practiced the walk in the mirror, bought all the clothes, and even rehearsed the dialect to where they think they sound as cool as a Jay-Z. They only thing that they can’t fake is their soul. If you look a person in their eyes, their corniness will pour out of their eyes, nose, mouth and ears almost like squeezing a jelly. They can’t hide it no matter how hard they try. And ladies I know you get mad when meet a dude you think might be alright. But when you talk to them later in the week you realize you caught a brick. Sunglasses allow them to be whomever they want. It’s like their actors in a Broadway play and the lights are blinding them and they can’t see the crowd. They can act out any part they want and have the audience believe whatever they want. Don’t fall for it.

I’m sorry, but ladies, I blame this on you. You should never give a dude some play wearing sunglasses in the club. If the women unite against this abomination, it can be huge. It can be as big as the women’s rights movement of the 60’s. Hold up. Now that I think about it, some of you ladies are doing this foolishness too. Yeah, don’t frown up your face now. You’re just as guilty as these dudes. I’ve seen you walking around thinking your cute because your sunglasses matched your bag and you didn’t want to mess up your outfit. You think you get a PASS??? HELL NO!!!! I’m lost now. It pains me to see such clown behavior amongst our people. I just want us to get better. I’m at a loss right now. I really don’t know what to do. I guess all I can do is beg you, please, please, please, when the sun goes down or you walk into a building, take the sunglasses off. If not for yourself, do it for your country, do it for your children, do it for the future. We’re in a real “dark” place right now and we need everyone’s help to get through these tough times and move so we can be GREAT.


Shoe Fly! - Sexy Booties Edition.

I can't stop staring at these! Red Suede Balmain booties, $1,195, Classic Christian Louboutin platform ankle bootie, $1,075, Jimmy Choo Gillian suede ankle boot $1,395. http://www.netaporter.com/  HAPPY SHOPPING!

Sweet Tee of the week

Umm...YEP, THAT’S WHAT I SAID!! [LOL!] - This sweet tee comes to us courtesy of my friend and fellow bloginista Nickey-Ann of http://www.antipopblog.com/ ! Urban Outfitters is the retail chain responsible for the artistry as they make a second appearance on the Sweet Tee Segment of All Things Fly! She actually saw this in Washington D.C, so make sure you check before you run into your local stores to look! It may be a little derogatory to some, but I guess it all depends on how you translate the word bitch. To me this tee says, I’m about my business and I’m strong minded, and if that’s bitchy to you, than it’s the new Black to me!

Glamour gives us Fly & a Flop

Without taking anything from her ability to cope with her issues or her incredibly beautiful Stephane Rolland ensemble, I just want to know who voted. Rihanna is one of my favorite fashionistas, no question. She does what she does and does it well. But honestly, prior to this "incident" with ex- Boyfriend Chris Brown, she hasn't stood out to me as a "pillar of the community" or "I am woman hear me roar" type, nor has she been entertaining us for that long, so what did she get this award for? I read on the Glamour Website that the iconic Iman presented it to her and mentioned in her speech Rihanna is becoming a spokesperson against domestic violence. Duly noted, but do people win Grammy Awards before their single is out? I'm just saying. I also read that Rihanna is Glamour's Cover girl for their December Issue. I should just end it here, right? But I digress; maybe what really makes this strange to me is the fact that she shares the spotlight with some of the most influential women in pop culture this year and in our time. Check out SOME of the players in the line up: Stella McCartney [awesome designer, animal rights activist,] Serena Williams [Founder of a Kenyan school, tennis star, writer] Marissa Mayer [Vice President of Google] Maria Shriver [woman's rights activist, California's First Lady] Michelle Obama [The First Lady, Children's rights activist, fashionista, hello?!] and THE Maya Angelou [no explanation necessary] I don't know, maybe they meant to give her best dressed I sure would've, she is killing this dress! You better work Rhi Rhi!


Quoted in fly fashion

Unless you are willing to drench yourself in your work beyond the capacity of the average man, you are just not cut out for positions at the top.
J.C. Penny


Magazine Fly- Vogue's Girl of the year

Model Lara Stone has been named "The Girl of the Year" by UK Vogue. She is featured in the upcoming December Issue and the cover is fabulous! Lara has been all over the runways as well as print this year, and with this new title, she's sure to stay relevent for a while. I do have to say, this is quite a step up from the blackface shoot. [Refer to the "Haute-Couture or Haute mess" post below, for details.] Either way, I really looking forward to reading this!


Fly Music- Buzz Worthy Barbie

What do you get when you mix pink lipstick, an animated personality, edgy lyrics and a touch of raunchiness together? Nicki Minaj of course. After I decided to click on a link from one of my beloved social networking sites I finally got an understanding of who or what the "hype' was about. Ms. Minaj had been floating around in random conversations all over the internet on some of my favorites sites before then; and I hadn't stopped to pay attention at any point yet. But after I listened to about four tracks off the “Beam Me Up Scotty" mix tape, I was in. The now Young Money affiliated rapper hails from Jamaica, Queens, and was discovered on her MySpace page. We can thank Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art for setting her in motion, which is actually the same school the movie "Fame" was inspired by. How do you like that? So far she's been featured in Urban DVD magazine, The Come Up [not to be confused with the J.Cole mix tape that we'll get to soon enough ;-)] mix tapes with Little Wayne, a remix with T.I. and is also on Robin Thicke's new single, "Shakin It For Daddy". Seriously folks, that's the name of the song, promise. But in any case, my opinion is that her freestyle ability, risqué wardrobe and material girl attitude are all a force to be reckoned with. Up against a group of men during the freestyle segment on the BET Hip-Hop Awards she proved just that, here's an excerpt from that freestyle: Call me Dracula 'cause all I do is count tricks/ your money mini and I ain't talking 'bout the mouse trick/ these girls running like I just threw the bouquet/ they know I'm headed to the top like a toupee," Minaj spit. "Now all the bums is wondering where I bees at/ you ain't a Barbie, it's none of your freakin' beeswax!" - cute & clever... Nice!

Sale Away- Sean John Edition

On the ad it says to tell a friend, so I listened. Happy Shopping!


Sweet Tee of the week

Whenever people around me have issues with each other whether light or heavy, the one phrase that pops in my head is "What's Beef?” And I just start rapping the song in my head. Ha-ha ...no kidding, I promise. It's one of my favorite songs by the late and great Notorious B.I.G, only because it makes a lot of sense. So this week, I dedicate the sweet tee to the Jay-Z and Beanie Siegel "Beef", just hug it out guys, it's not like anyone's going to “see anyone in ICU" for this, ok? Ok. Refer to the previous post if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

This tee is available at: http://www.districtlines.com/10107-Biggie-T-Shirt/Serra-Velle/T-Shirts  and is being sold for $12.00

Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that...

A skinny bald headed kid from Brooklyn once said “If every nigga in your click is rich, your click is rugged nobody would fall cus everyone would be each others crutches” perhaps this was the mindset he had when creating Rocafella records along with two friends in ’96. They’ve since split and aside from a few bars here and there on record; the actual cause of the demise has not been confirmed by any of the parties involved. So here's the thing: Beanie Sigel, who was once part of the extended Roca la familia has released a Jay-Z diss record, entitled Average Cats. He also had a very emotional call-in interview heard around the world explaining his feelings. I can specify everything he said this entire post, but between the track and the 38 minute interview, I think you have enough to reference.

After I finally sat down and listened to everything, I was truly at a loss for words. I thought, wow, this sounds bad. Considering how close those two were and how loyal Beanie’s been to Jay over the years, this puts him in a horrible position, bad enough everyone is running with this “evil doer” thing. So, damn, am I supposed start giving Jay-Z the side eye for not looking out for his boy, now like everyone else? On record, he nicely told grown men they “couldn’t sit on his lap”, but as it turns out, Beanie said he’s “not looking for gifts out Santa Clause’s sack”. Ok…So what we talking bout?

In Jay-Z’s statement he recognized that Beanie has “a lot to complain about” But to me it seems he may have merely miss-managed his assets at one point in time. Hov jokingly said “It’s impossible to drive two cars at once…how can you only sell 800, 000 records and Drive two Bentleys?” But Beans is saying that Jay didn’t teach him how to fish, he only fed him. Ok, who’s to blame for that? If you go into Business with someone because you claim “they got you no matter what” the mindset really isn’t fully prepared for the possibility of that ending. Let’s be adults here, this isn’t a lemonade stand. In dealing with big businesses such as the record industry they’re contracts, deadlines, loans and countless other details involved. If someone has invested in you, can you really blame them for not making a return on the investment? I bet you can, if you still believe they’ll be your “crutch” no matter what. But shouldn’t you take ownership in your failures when they’ve set you up for success? Beans sounds hurt, and I felt really bad for him at first. I mean, Damon Dash went behind his back and [allegedly] embezzled and, Jay-Z was harsh, didn’t want to be responsible for his whereabouts and didn’t offer him any moral support while in jail. All things considered, what did Beanie Sigel do? How did he help himself on the State Property owner/ Rocafella rapper platform? What’s he responsible for? Well, he took on two [Bentley] car notes (something that depreciates with time) when he could’ve invested in his businesses and artistry. And why was he, at this point in his life in and out of jail so much anyway? He’s actually said to have paid out $200,000 worth of lawyer fees but spent only $750 for the LLC of State Property. Priorities out of order much? Boggles my mind. Repeating the same actions never gets anyone different results.

Quite frankly, Beanie Sigel says a lot of things that make me raise my eyebrow at Jay-Z, but if he hasn’t spoken to him in two years, this could be a major communication fail or misinterpretation of badly orchestrated business deals. Very shortly after his interview with Beanie Sigel the Radio VJ Charlemagne Tha God was let go from The Beat 100.3 in Philly, on grounds that the radio station is now looking to “move in a different direction.” Sigh. Yes people, I know what you’re thinking, He don’t run rap no more, he runs the map... But consider this: when you are as huge a star as he is, people will most likely just blame you for things because you’re an easy target. Further more, rumor has it Beanie may be moving toward the G Unit camp, way to market that new album fiddy! Guess it’s on to the next one. But first, I need to know how you feel. Speak your piece.

Link to interview: http://www.zshare.net/audio/676959526535015c/


Club Monaco Giveaway

Psssst....HEY you! Yes, you; A little birdie told me that Club Monaco is giving away a brand new very free fall wardrobe. Go to http://www.clubmonaco.com/  for details on how to enter. Shout out to my favorite ehugmag.com, book, magazine and newspaper Editor Peggy for the heads up, check out some of her Pieces at http://www.cmxiv.blogspot.com/, love ya Star! Good Luck on the contest fly people!


Shoe Fly! - Steve Madden Edition

Look ladies, I'm not even going to give you a song and dance about how these inspired me or anything like that so here's all you need to know: From Top Left to Bottom Right; Caprye Shoe with Bow Back Detail in Champagne & Black $79.95,Trinitis Black Sequin shoe [my favorite] $79.95, Cheryl Suede Shoe in Black & Electric Blue $69.97, RoyaltII Shoe in Black & Hot Pink $69.97, and last but not least the Beckaa shoe in Platinum & Black $79.95. Half of these are sale prices too, I know the recession is "over" but cheap & chic is always in Vogue to me.  http://www.stevemadden.com/ Happy Shopping!