Oscar Favorites!

Thank you TV Gods! Despite all the hoopla between Cablevision and [greedy ass] ABC the Academy Awards still managed to show up on my TV screen last night, and I couldn't have been happier. It seems the two companies’ were feuding over finances which caused us to suffer without the station from midnight to about mid-Oscar festivities. The evening was a great one for a lot of Films including Precious, The Hurt locker and the James Cameron phenom, Avatar. Obviously of theses films were fabulously influential and lived up to their hype so congratulations to them and the other films nominated. Now I can go on about the films, or I can get to the fly already! Some people watch to see who wins; I mostly watch to see who’s dressed the best. Here are my favorites from the night: From the Top Left to Bottom Right- Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel McAdams, Elizabeth Banks Vera Farmiga, and Cameron Diaz.


Sheryl said...

yep. frilly and ruffles were definitely in this year. and it was neat, however zoe saldana's dress was a hot mess! i hated it in fact. when she walked i felt confused and dizzy. no thanks!

Rosie B! said...

LOL Sheryl, I think in Zoe's case, the dress is just so special you either love it or hate it...I've read alot of mixed reviews on it.

The Anti-Pop said...

omigosh i love when we heart the same things. i personally loved zoe's dress - trendy, fashion forward, and WOW factor. i think she pulled it off effortlessly. vera also shut the game down - the ruffles add drama, and the color choice was perfection.