Happy Haitian Flag Day!!!

In the wake of all the tragedy that took place in Haiti this winter we mustn’t be afraid to show our pride for the tiny nation that erupts with culture. I know we all watch the news and wait for stories of miracles to out weigh the tragic ones. We pray our donations went into the right hands and even more so, the ideas for rebuilding all come to fruition. Some might say this is no time to celebrate anything. But even when the progress of all the relief efforts still remain to be seen, we have to have faith that it will all turn out to be better, sooner than later. This is just another tiny reminder for everyone to never stop praying for Haiti. And, to all my rice and beans, and plantain, eating Haitian people, I hope today of all days, your head is still held high, and heart is filled with joy. I wish you a Happy Haitian flag day.