Don Fisher Gone, The Gap lives on

GAP co-founder Don Fisher died yesterday after a battle with cancer. Fisher, along with his wife Doris, opened the first Gap store in 1969. [Hence, the 1969 line.]They took a simple tee shirt and jeans concept and turned it into an iconic store in the UK & US alike. Fisher stepped down as chairman of Gap in 2004 but had remained a director and executive of the brand. Chief executive and board chairman Glenn Murphy was quoted as saying; "Today we lost a friend, a mentor and a great visionary, Don and Doris took a simple idea and turned it into a brand a brand recognised as a cultural icon throughout the world and changed the face of retail forever."
How many people do you know haven't ever shopped in the GAP at one point or another? Unless you've been living under a rock, Gap Women/ Men, Baby/ Kids and Body have all been embraced by us or even hated at times for loosing its original luster. All the while, we've supported this brand & its growth throughout the years, thus making it forever relevent. Rest in peace Mr. Fisher, you've left a major mark in the Fashion Retail Industry.

                                                                 News source Vogue.com/ UK

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The Anti-Pop said...

whoa, had no idea. as per usual, you put me on to game rosie. RIP.